Why do I blog?

5/27/2006 ·

It depends.
In my opinion, I like writing that inspires my thinking, burshes up my written skills, saves your life, and, by the way, shares my opinion with my friends or somebody who I've never known interested in my posts. Sometimes, you can learn something from these intercations. The most important thing is that I can archive some important information with my opinion at the same time. I believe it is definitelly a guy's treasure in his life.

I wouldn't call a blog is a diary because it has much more functions than a dirary has. As I metioned, it depends on what you want to put on it. You can even creat different blogs for different purposes. For example, The blog A is only for the movie, so it would only consist of the movie information that you are interested. The blog B may be a shopping blog. You can put any shopping experiences or information on it. If you like, you can call your friends to be co-author. You guys can organize a blog together... Blah Blah...

So, first of all, you must set up your goal of your blog. The blog is not only for the private stuff that sometimes you don't really like to share with people.
Back to your question, why do I blog? It's a good way to archive the important things in my life, and be able to inspect myself when reading it agian in the future. This is my personal blog.

Why don't you put your lab log on it but not only your "murmur"? :P
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