Time Zone Abbreviations

3/26/2007 ·

The list below shows the abbreviations of time zones in US and Canada. When you see them in somewhere (TV, newspaper or internet), you might have an idea to tell what EST or PDT is for.

Except UTC and GMT, the list is for US and Canada only. If interested, you can browse the below websites for more detail.



UTC - Coordinated Universal Time

GMT - Greenwich Mean Time

AST - Atlantic Standard time = UTC-4

ADT - Atlantic Daylight Time = UTC-3

EST - Eastern Standard Time = UTC-5

EDT - Eastern Daylight Time = UTC-4

ET - Eastern Time [either as EST or EDT]

CST - Central Standard time = UTC-6

CDT - Central Daylight time = UTC-5

CT - Central Time [either as CST or CDT]

MST - Mountain Standard Time = UTC-7

MDT - Mountain Daylight time = UTC-6

MT - Mountain Time [either as MST or MDT]

PST - Pacific Standard Time = UTC-8

PDT - Pacific Daylight Time = UTC-7

PT - Pacific Time [either PST or PDT]

HST - Hawaiian Standard Time = UTC-10

AKST - Alaska Standard Time = UTC-9

AKDT - Alaska Daylight Time = UTC-8


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