Retrieving Temperature from the Satellite

5/27/2008 ·

Somebody was asking that why the satellite retrieving SST is more reliable than the vertical temperature in the atmosphere at BBS. I gave an answer as easy as I could, but I believe that it's still hard to realize for the people who are not the remote sensing guys. So, the second question came to ask me for referring more detail information. It really gives me a hard time.

I tried to dig out any websites or links can easily explain this specific issue. I hope that I can find that like a course web describing the processing of the cloud droplet turning to the rain fall or the steps of a hurricane developing on the ocean. However, I didn't get any. All sites of the retrieving temperature are toward the journal papers. Maybe I should say sorry to them. As long as I got the time, I promise that I will go through this for the detail, but not now for sure.


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