3/28/2009 ·

I am writing the words to say thank you to Josh Jankot and Kristin Walls who put my name as co-author on their posters for 2009 annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers (AAG) in Vegas. The first of my American friends who put my name on her research is Brianne Vogt. I remembered when I was asking why you put me on your thesis, she told me that because you are my friend. It's really touching.
After Brianne, there are several students who also put my name on their thesis: Karin Bumbaco, Mike Davis, and Nathan Amador. I believe that Josh and Kristin are going do that, too. Moreover, Bria Youderian even includes me on her paper. Many thanks to you all, my dear friends. I do appreciate. Hope you can really learn something from it, and get a good job in the future. :)


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