A Jogging Doll

4/15/2006 ·

Try to record the conversations between a jogging girl and me on the dam of Hoover Reservoir this afternoon as possible as I can. Due to my poor English, hopefully, my responses are not so stupid. orz
I am so surpise that she gave me a Chinese Christain hand book with a PO Box in Taipei. She doesn't even know Chinese!!
Don't blame me for: No picture, no truth. I don't even ask her name or information. I think it's unpolite to picture with a girl at first meeting. However, she is so cute and shining, like a pretty doll.

Girl: "Hello~ This is a stuff for the church." (give me a hand book)

mph: (Shocking) "Hi! Oh... Thanks!" (opening the note, which drafts some words from the Bible, but it's Chinese)

Girl: "I guess you might speak Mandarin..." "Someimes, I did this to somebody before."

mph: "Oh.. Thanks! My name is Meng-Pai. Nice to meet you."

Girl: "Meng....Pai.." (repeat several times) "Englsih name?"

mph: "Sorry. I don't have English name..." "Do you live around here?"

Girl: "About 10 mins." "I was born in US." (or to here from 3 years old <==I am not quite sure) "I am a Cantonese." "Sorry, I

don't konw how to speak Chinese."

mph: "Oh... How do you communicate with your patents?"

Girl: "Actually, I am half and half..." "My Dad is Cantonese..." "Do I look like an Asian?"

mph: "I see. Yes, you are."

Girl: "Really?" (smile)

mph: "And look very young"

Girl: "Ha.. Do you think how old I am?"

mph: "Mmmm. say 18?"

Girl: "It is a good number!" "Somebody would like to say 16 or 17."

mph: "Mmmm... Very young, though. Maybe I sohulod say 15..."

Girl: "So I look like an Asian and young.."

mph: "Right! your are beautiful."

Girl: "Oh... Thank you!" (smile)

mph: "Actually, I am from Taiwan, not Mainland China."

Girl: "Oh... I have some Taiwanes friends in Church."

mph: "Have you ever been in Taiwan?"

Girl: "No. I have never be out of here." "I visited my friend in Virginia. That's it." "How long have you been here?"

mph: "I came to Columubs last September."

Girl: "Do you like it?" "Where do you live?" "Do you live alone or with your family?"

mph: "I live at southwest of campus."

Girl: "You live off campus." "I have some friends live at that area."

mph: "Actually, I graduated from University of Maryland." "Compare with Columbus..."

Girl: "I know... it is kind of boring..."

mph: "I checked the google maps showing a resevoir around here. So I jsut come here to walk around."

Girl: (Point out my camera) "And take some pictures?"

mph: "Yes!" "Do you usually run around here?"

Girl: "Ya! Usually on the dam. I just wanna do the exercise." "Can we walk?" "What's your major?"

mph: "Atmospheric science."

Girl: "Science?"

mph: "Atmospheric... weather."

Girl: "No way!"

mph: "My pervious research focues on satellite remote sensing."

Girl: "Satellite remote sensing..." "How is that? Am I good?"

mph: "Very good!"
more pictures of Hoover Dam are here:


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