Around Columbus (3) -- Big Basket Building, Ohio

5/25/2008 ·

When being in Columbus, I was told that there is a world's largest basket around Columbus. I hadn't had a time to visit it till yesterday. It's address is 1500 East Main St., Newark, OH showing on the map below:

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Actually, it has two parts: the basket building, and the shopping center with basket factory. Here are some pictures of them.

Outside of the building:

The ceiling inside:

In the shopping center (16 miles far from basket building), there is another large basket filled in apples. Thank Ling-Yun for my scaler here. :) You can see how big it is.

There is also a ice cream shop within Startbucks. All of us enjoy the wonderful ice cream. I would like to thanks for Katherine and Wei-Ting's recommendation. The ice cream is really tasty.
Due to the time issue, we don't have enough time to look around everything. It might be another opportunity to visit it in the future.

This is my first time to try my Nikon D40 in a trip. I only used the lens of 18-55mm with F3.5-5.6 with UV protector but without CPL, even for the portrait, the landscape performances did surprise me. I know somebody always blames the kit lens, but it seems good to me at this time. I need the time to burnish up my skills for using it.

I picked up several "better pictures", and posted on my album. You are welcome to take a look, and give me the comments.

See more picture for the largest basket in the world...


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