[IDL] Wind Vector Overplotting on the Map

5/12/2009 ·

If you wanna plot wind vectors by IDL, all IDL users should know that several IDL procedures like:

VEL - Draws a velocity (flow) field with streamlines.
VELOVECT - Draws a 2D velocity field plot.
PLOT_FIELD - Plots a 2D field using arrows.
ARROW - Draws one or more vectors with arrow heads.

can help you to do so.

Also, you can use "partvelvec.pro" hosted at the IDL Astronomy User's Library (NASA) to plot your vectors as well.

However, they cannot project your vectors on the map coordinate system in IDL. If you wanna use ivector, it's another story. if not, it will be hard to get it.

For mapping your wind vectors, if you got the time, you can download the whole package including very useful IDL subroutines supported by the National Centre for the Atmospheric Science in UK. After you untar this package, you have to do some environmental setting before applying to your purposes. Err... still long way to go...

I've been working on this issue for two years. I almost read all of IDL related forums and libraries. That was painful. Finally, I got a solution and swept it out in the past couple days. Now, everything seems ready to go.

Here is a "quick solution" from somebody whom we have to appreciate:

Notice that you might need to modify the reference vector size for your purposes.

The figure below represents the composition of 500mb wind speed contour and directions in 1956. The data source is NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis data (NNR) provided by the Physical Science Division, NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory.


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