The Da Vinci Code

5/20/2006 ·

Finally, I went to see this hot movie today. When the fiction was published, I was so curious how come it could be so attractive and so popular. Since I havn't read the fiction yet, I decide to see this movie first.
The topic is related to the story about Christianity that I am not really familiar with. In order to be on the right track in the movie, I read some comments on the "movie board"@ptt before seeing it. No matter they released the scenaro or not, they did give me a hand to understand this dramatic story, and enjoy the movie and the music.
Somebody would like to compare "Da Vinci Code" with "National Treasure", which is partly similar topic to "decoding activity". I don't know. In my opinion, the first one is built on the several branches and substories that sufficinetly trap the audience's interest, so I would like to say "Da Vinci Dode" is better than "National Treasure". Though the sroty in the movie (fiction) is even the truth, I would like to say it is a good movie, which is much better than MI 3... orz
If you havn't read the fiction before, you might go to see the movie, or you can wait for the second round or DVD released. If you have read the book, you could go to see it, but plz clear your imagination from the book. Otherwise, you will get the disappointment.
Thanks a lot to Sophia for introducing the true story. It helps me to set up the basic concept about this movie. Also, thanks to Dingmou for discussing and explaining to me after the movie.


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