How many pitches today?

9/11/2008 ·

We got about 10 players in today's softball practice. I was pitching more than 2 hours. How many pitches did I make?

We got 4 rotations for 10 people. Each person has 3 out opportunity to hit. When he stands on the hitting zone, the counts are 1 ball and 1 strike. If you hit the third foul right after two fouls, it will be called strike out.

Here is assumptions:
1) Each person got 3 hits (or on the base due to the errors), so that means each person has at least 6 times for batting in one rotation.
2) I pitched at least 4 to each person.

4 * 10 * 6 * 4 = 480

I made around 480 pitches in two hours!!
It's kinda too much, though.
We are going to play inter-campus softball games with CASE, and other schools in two weeks later. I definitely cannot pitch all games. We have to prepare another pitcher for this game series.

BTW, it was really touching that 秀欣 and Nana applauded me right after I got down from the mound. It's really appreciated. :)

Hopefully, I can still make it good tomorrow.


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