The CRYPTOCard for using a supercomputer at NCAR

11/01/2008 ·

Thank to Jialin for applying the permission for me to using a supercomputer, Bluefire (IBM POWER6), at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). This is a very powerful machine, which is suitable for running the Community Climate System Model3.0 (CCSM3) and even CCSM4 in the future.

As like the other remote NCAR machine users, in order to gain access in bluefire, a key card called the CRYPTO Card is needed. I put a picture here before I activate it. It pretty looks like a little calculator, though.

Although I have ported CCSM3 at Ohio Supercompter Center (OSC), it is still exciting that I can use the NCAR machines. It's gonna be very fun after CCSM4 released next year.


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