Code Red - New Blogger Template Updated

2/22/2009 ·

I am preparing to open up a new blog for my IDL function code storage (still pending). Thus, I got a chance to update the template for this blog. I have spent several days for hunting a new template for it. In order to "compatible" with Buckeyes color. The red-white-gray style is for what I was looking. Even though I found several "candidates", which don't exactly follow this rule, I would like to keep them in my storage and only pull up this one called "Code Red" first. This is a 3-column template, which can give me a flexible way to represent my widgets on the sidebar. It makes them look clear and organized.
Also, I spent couple hours to move all my stuff into this new "skin". I did modify its html and CSS codes a bit for my operation proposes. That is painful. Now the things have been done. Hopefully, the readers can enjoy reading here.


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