Blizzard in Columbus

3/08/2008 ·

Only today, March 08, 2008, before 17:00 local time, we got 15.4 inches snowfall in Columbus, Ohio. The snow accumulation from Friday morning is 18 inches. How big is this storm? According to the climate report from the National Weather Service posted at Buckeye Wx website, From July 1st last year to present, the snow accumulation is 44.6 inches. From March 1, 2008 to present, the total snowfall is 22.1 inches. This storm brings 0.345 times of the total snowfall of this winter! It's really lucky that it occurs on the weekend. I gotta dig my car out...

Here is a post from my friend, Ryan Lauritsen, talking about this record snowfall in Ohio.
Record Snowfall in Ohio


Anonymous said...
3/10/2008 8:40 AM  

We've got tons of snow in Cleveland too... hah hah..

Stay warm.

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