3/08/2009 ·

Couple months ago, my face was directly hit by a volleyball attacking. Due to taking an inappropriate position, a high speed and heavy volleyball directly hit my face. My glasses were broken immediately. I was lucky that there is no any piece of glass "running" in my eyes. However, it scared me and all the players on the court. Thus, I got the contacts for the sport purpose. I only got the chance to wear them up today. This is my first time to "successfully" wear the contacts in my life. I think it deserved to write it down on the blog. It's not too bad except spending about 30 mins to put them on my poor eyes... Although it is a little weird when looking at something very closed, I feel very comfortable in playing the volleyball. I might have to get a sunglasses shortly. Otherwise, it will be very challenging when driving in the sunshine.


楊小栓 said...
3/09/2009 12:50 PM  

I've never tried contact lenses, either. (Shake hands) But I always take my glasses off because I was hit by a basketball before....It's good that your eyes weren't hurt by the broken glasses.

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