Campus Building @ OSU (2) - Lane Ave. Bridge

6/15/2008 ·

The Lane Avenue Bridge, the first architecture gathered my eyes when I was arriving in Columbus. My friend told me that the bridge is really beautiful with its structure designed and special illuminations at night. It's true. Thus, when I was the first year at the OSU. I took several pictures from it by nikon cp4500 for practicing my night shot skill. It was not only my first try for my tripod, but also my first shot for the night scene. Now, it's even better... I think.... :P

If you are interested in the story of this bridge, you can browse Franklin County Engineer's Office to read its story.

Lane Avenue Bridge 是我第一次到Colcumbs時印象深刻的建築物。我朋友跟我說,因為它特殊的結構與燈光設計,使得晚上整體建築物顯得很美。因此,在我第一年來到OSU時,就用我的nikon cp4500試著照這座橋的夜照。那不但是我第一次使用腳架,也是我第一次練習夜照,雖然我感覺還不錯,可是後來被智昇罵到臭頭。這次,多認識了一些技巧,我想效果應該有比較好吧?! :P

對於他的歷史有興趣的話,可以到 Franklin County Engineer's Office 了解這座橋的由來。

See more pictures of this bridge at night....


Meou said...
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Brianne said...
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hey! I really enjoy your photos around makes me miss buckeye country! hope you're doing well!

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