My first Intramural Softball Game T_T

6/12/2008 ·

Originally, it would be my first intramural softball game in my life at 9:00 PM tonight. Although I've been playing softball for a long time, I don't even have any opportunity to join a team playing for a whole series. Also, I am the last sign-up player in the last minute. Our team captain, William Chen, a Chemistry PhD. student, not only gave me a high recommendation to our teammate, but also offered me an important position to strengthen our defense. I am kinda appreciated and excited for that.

However, a "tiny", "cute" storm cell just grew up, and passed through Columbus area with the heavy rain and thunder during 6:00 ~ 7:15 PM (I don't know if it also brought the hails). It totally destroyed our game!

The map source:

I took a snap of the radar map from the You can see what this "pretty" mesoscale guy looks like. The rain band just covered the Columbus area. At the same time, William sent us a message showing that the game 1 was canceled by league...The second game will be in 2 weeks later.

What the....

Totally speechless.... -_-凸


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