Campus Building@OSU (4) - Jones Graduate Tower, Bldg #267

6/24/2008 ·

Alright! Jones Tower! This would be the first OSU building that is known by most international graduate students. I think it might be more than 1/3 new Taiwanese students living in Jones Tower in their first year studying at the OSU. It is a good thing, actually. For a new student, you have to face a new life in both of the living and studying. That also means the "big troubles". If a new student can get to live in Jones Tower in the first year, he can save much time to deal with the other things. I post these pictures for our new students orientation held in Taipei this week. If any new students are interested, they can take a look at my pictures to see what their future housing look like. Even the inside pictures are lack, they still can get an idea about it.

(1)South side (front door)

(2)East side (back door)

(3)West side (back door)

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