Atmospheric and Climate Journals with 2007 SCI

7/05/2008 ·

Finally, I updated the online journal list with 2007 SCI at my page. There are total 62 journals at this page so far, you can choose to sort by SCI, journal and even publisher but only the last two pages have the journal links. You are welcome to give me any comments and the new journal that is worth to add on. In here, I only show you the top 15 journals ranked by SCI.

If interested, come here to see:
My journal list sort by SCI

My journal list sort by name

千呼萬喚始出來...花了快一星期,終於把這份期刊整理加上最新的2007年SCI列表完成。這份列表總共收錄62種期刊一般常見到關於大氣科學與氣候的期刊雜誌。我不但整理它們的SCI列表排序,還加上各本期刊的網路連結,如果已有帳號的話可以直接連過去下載論文的PDF 檔。我這篇圖只列出SCI的前15份期刊,有興趣的話剩下的請到下頁我的網頁,也歡迎大家使用:

我的期刊列表,依 SCI 排序




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